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All of our auditions begin at 7:00 p.m. in the 

Arena Rehearsal Studio on Berry Street.


AUDITIONS: All Arena auditions are open call; please arrive at the Theatre in time to begin at 7:00PM (unless otherwise indicated). Except in rare occasions, Arena productions are NOT pre-cast; all actors who participate in auditions will be given equal consideration for the required roles. Particular audition formats may vary depending upon the Director's preference, but general guidelines are as follows.

FOR PLAYS: Most directors will usually ask you to do a cold read of several passages from the script for the show

(in conjunction with other actors).

FOR MUSICALS: You should come to auditions prepared to sing one song, typically a verse & chorus (16 to 32 bars) from a Broadway show that will highlight your vocal strengths (remember to bring music for the accompanist to play on the piano). You should also be prepared to dance in case the choreographer will want to test your abilities (wear comfortable clothes and appropriate shoes).

AGES: Most roles at Arena are appropriate for actors/actresses ages 18 and up. Many productions, however, require roles for age- and gender-specific actors, so we often need children, young teenagers, and senior citizens. If in doubt about your suitability to perform, we recommend attending an open audition to see how you might fit in.

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