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Arena Dinner Theatre Presents 

A Delightful Quarantine

by Mark Dunn

Director Gloria Minnich is looking for a cast of twelve women and five men

Auditions are Sunday, March 3, and Monday, March 4 at 7 pm

Show Summary:  An extra-terrestrial "invasion" of the suburban, middle-class community of Susqua Creek Acres, Pennsylvania places its human residents and visitors under sudden house-bound quarantine. Secrets get revealed, conflicts erupt and recede, long festering wounds are dressed, and friendships and relationships are terminated or reinstated.

Characters include:

  • PROFESSOR LUCY FULLER - the narrator


  • PAULA MIDDLEBROOK-CLOBB - her daughter, age 32

  • KITTY CIVETTE - Paula's twin sister age 32

  • JUDEEN DEMPSEY - age 48


  • BETHANY ROBBINS - age 38

  • CLARK WIGGLIN - age 38

  • SHIRLEY WIGGLIN - age 38

  • ROY ROBBINS - age 38

  • DIANDRA ROBBINS - age 11


  • SUE STADLER - age 28

  • DEAN STADLER - age 26

  • VIOLET BASSEY - age 70

  • MAVIS JEMCO - age 71

  • TUG GOFF - age 20

  • THE HAZ MAT SQUAD - all hooded and anonymous

Rehearsals will be in March 2024 and will typically be Monday-Friday 7 pm-10 pm. Some Sunday rehearsals might be called.

Performances are scheduled for April 18 & 25 at 7:30 pm, April 19, 20, 26, 27, May 3, & 4 at 8 pm, and April 28 at 2 pm

DROWSY simple.png

Arena Dinner Theatre Presents 

The Drowsy Chaperone

Music and Lyrics by Lisa Lambert & Greg Morrison

Book by Bob Martin & Don McKellar

Director Reuben Albaugh is looking for a cast of seven women and twelve men

Auditions are Sunday, April 21, and Monday, April 22 at 7 pm

Show Summary:  With the houselights down, a man in a chair appears on stage and puts on his favorite record: the cast recording of a fictitious 1928 musical. The recording comes to life and The Drowsy Chaperone begins as the man in the chair looks on. Mix in two lovers on the eve of their wedding, a bumbling best man, a desperate theatre producer, a not-so-bright hostess, two gangsters posing as pastry chefs, a misguided Don Juan, and an intoxicated chaperone, and you have the ingredients for an evening of madcap delight.


Characters include:

  • Man in the Chair - (40’s to 60’s) A quirky and eccentric person who lives very much in his own world. He breaks the 4th wall with the audience. With humor and his own wry observations, he illuminates the audience during his imaginary staging of “The Drowsy Chaperone” in his apartment, while the cast album record plays. 

  • Janet Van de Graaff - (30s) Star of Feldzieg’s Follies who is conflicted about giving up her life on the stage to marry Robert Martin.  An attractive, vivacious, and outgoing personality who loves being the center of attention. She is the newest up-and-coming big Broadway star in 1928. Strong dance skills are needed. Vocal range: Alto with big belt (G3-E5)

  • Robert Martin - (30-40’s) The groom-to-be who is madly and deeply in love with Janet. He is the typical rich debonair & dashing 1920s leading man who spends more than half the show trying to get Janet back. He is heartfelt and deeply sincere.  Must be able to tap dance and roller skate and make Janet’s heart melt when he sings to her. Vocal range: Tenor (C3 – Ab4)

  • The Drowsy Chaperone - (40s-50s) Janet’s alcoholic confidante who is always thinking about her next martini. An experienced “woman of the world” who couldn’t care less what the world thinks. A diva to be reckoned with who will chew the scenery whenever possible. She is a combination of all the great vocal divas like Judy Garland & Ethel Merman.  Vocal range: Alto with strong belt (F3-D5)

  • Aldolpho - (40 - 50’s) Latin Lothario. A womanizing cad with a huge ego and is resting on his laurels as a former matinee idol ala Rudolph Valentino. He is confident in his abilities as a master thespian schooled in the big style of ACTING! Vocal range: Bass/Baritone + great falsetto (A#2-G4)

  • Mrs. Tottendale - (45-60) A wealthy widow and host of the wedding. She is flighty, eccentric, funny, often forgetful, and oblivious to the confusion she causes. Georgia Engel is the modern version who played it on Broadway in her signature style of Georgette as in the Mary Tyler Moore show. Vocal range: Alto character voice (G3-Db5)

  • Underling - (50s-60’s) Mrs. Tottendale’s unflappable British butler and manservant. He is stoic, dry-humored, and very sarcastic. The ability to throw away a line is a must! He and Mrs. Tottendale end up together. A little tap dancing talent is a plus and the ability to tolerate many spit takes. Tenor character voice (Ab2-G4)

  • Mr. Feldzieg - (40s-60s) The harried producer who will do anything to stop the wedding in order to keep Janet in the Follies. He is nervous, sarcastic, impatient, overbearing, and insensitive. Vocal range: Baritone (Db3-Db4)

  • Kitty- (30s) The 1920s the dumb blonde chorine who is not so dumb. She is Mr. Feldzieg’s longtime girlfriend and longs to be a leading lady but maybe isn’t talented enough. A cross between Norma Cassady from “Victor Victoria” (see Leslie Anne Warren) and Lena Lamont from “Singing in the Rain.” Vocal range: Soprano comedic belt (Bb3-F5)

  • George - (30s-40s) Robert’s anxious best friend and best man. He is loyal, sincere, nervous, and not the smartest tool in the shed. Makes looking out for Robert’s interests his top priority so that the wedding will come off without a hitch. Must be able to tap. Vocal range: Tenor (F3-Bb4)

  • Gangsters 1 & 2 - (30s-50s) Two somewhat threatening and jovial gangsters who are posing as pastry chefs. Typical 1920s Broadway gangsters full of "wordplay and stylized vaudeville movements." Good comic timing and dancing skills are required. Vocal range: Tenor (Db3-Gb4)

  • Trix the Aviatrix - (35-50) The brave and brash female aviator. She is very sassy and a take-charge kind of gal. Trix must be able to command the stage with her voice and presence. Vocal range: Alto (Ab3-Eb5)

  • Ensemble - (20s-50s) A strong, dancing/singing ensemble consisting of two women and two men who play maids, butlers, reporters, monkeys….etc. Lots of fun acting challenges with multiple characters. Vocal range women and men: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass 

Rehearsals will begin the week of April 29 and will typically be Monday-Friday 7 pm-10 pm. Some Sunday rehearsals might be called.

Performances are scheduled for June 13 & 20 at 7:30 pm, June 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, & 29 at 8 pm, and June 23 at 2 pm

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