Upcoming Auditions

2022-2023 Season

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Audition Dates

Sunday, December 4 and Monday, December 5 at 7 PM 

Looking For

4 women and 4 men

Character Descriptions
  • ETIENNE- The valet to Dr. Molineaux (a rather tongue-in-cheek character.) 

  • MARIE- The Molineaux’s maid. 

  • YVONNE MOLINEAUX- The younger, demure, unwitting wife. 

  • DR. HERCULE MOLINEAUX- The not-so-debonair middle-aged physician with a bit of a personal problem. 

  • BASSINET- The tenacious patient and friend. Speaks with a lisp.

  • MADAME AIGREVILLE- The overbearing mother-in-law. 

  • SUZANNE AUBIN- The provocative patient. 

  • GUSTAV AUBIN- The Prussian soldier, speaks in a “fractured faux-German” accent. Suzanne‘s husband.


Rehearsal dates:          

Rehearsals will begin December 12 and typically will be Monday through Friday 7-10 PM. Some Sunday rehearsals might be called. Please bring a schedule of your rehearsal conflicts, and be prepared to read scenes from the script.  

Performance Dates:

Performances are January 19 and 26 at 7:30 pm, January 20, 21, 27, 28, and February 3 and 4 at 8 pm, and the Sunday, January 29 matinee at 2 pm.

Director can be contacted at suekahn651@gmail.com